Have a Tech come to your home


Life sometimes gets the better of us and we get too busy, we totally get that. Besides who has time to have your laptop sit in a dusty repair shop for a couple days waiting to get worked on? That's why we can service your Mac in the comfort of your home. 



Travel Time

On-site Rates

Our general rate for one of our awesome Techs to come to your house is just $139 per hour. This is our At-home rate and is different than our Remote-rate. We have a one hour minimum for our house calls but I'm sure we will get most all of your issues solved.

Yuck! Who likes paying for travel time? We got you covered on this. We want to make it as easy as possible to get the help you need.


Remote Rates

What is remote support?

Our rates for remote assistance is just $99 per hour with a 30 minute minimum. This means you can get expert support by simply making a phone call! An internet connection is required for all remote connections.

Remote support saves you time and money. Instead of sending a technician to your house we use chat and video technologies to solve your issues from one of our remote locations.


Monthly On-site Service Plan

Worried your onsite will take too long? Or have a repair question? Don't worry just give us a call! We can give you an estimate or answer any questions you may have.

If you feel like you need at least 3 hours or more per month? Pre-pay for 3 hours and we will only charge you for 2.5. This saves you time, money, and also gives you priority service. 

This is a Monthly service plan and can be cancelled anytime.