Our Studio is located in Venice Beach


The Mac Studio is a "shop 'n shop," we are located inside "Huset - Modern Scandinavian Design" on Abbot Kinney in Venice. The Beach provides us with the inspiration for progressing towards a greener world. 




 Computer Pickups on the Westside of Los Angeles are Free!


We are Available

We are available from 11am to 7pm Monday through Friday. (With some weekend exceptions)


moneY Saved

The greenest device you own is the one in your pocket. Repair is not only great for the Earth but also your wallet.


Expert LOCAL help

Get the help and answers you need, without waiting an hour on the phone.




Anthony Jabbari
Proprietor, Operations & Technician


Associates & Staff

Holly Hallberg
Business Development

Michael Hillman
Graphic Designer

Joe Tranquillio
Onsite & IT Manager


We Give Back


We believe every student should have the ability to use a computer to improve and further their education. Do you have a computer you no longer use? We can repair it and donate it to someone who needs it. We also offer discounts for school staff too!



Want to donate a Laptop?

Donate $ for repairs

Read below for FAQ about computer donations. You can ship or drop it off at our shop hours. We will securely wipe any data and repurpose it for educational purposes.

All donations go towards refurbishing computers for students.


School staff and students can fill out our education form for discounts on repairs.  

The Mac Studio Education Discount Form

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Phone *
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FAQ About Computer Donating

How do I know if is computer is worth donating? Here is our donation checklist.

  • My computer is a Laptop. Desktops are too cumbersome for students and require more maintenance.
  • My Laptop is a PC or a Mac. We can service both.
  • Laptop must be at at least 2008 or earlier. Older Laptops are slower and more costly to work on.
  • My Laptop has the Power cable. (If you do not have a power cable you can purchase one through us) 
  • My laptop turns on and is in decent condition. We will inspect your computer to see if your computer is E-waste.
  • If your computer is too old we can properly recycle it for you.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
— Nelson Mandela